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Broadcom Shares Surge: What Investors Should Know

Shares of Broadcom (AVGO), the fabless chip and software giant, soared by 7.7% on Friday. 

This surge accompanied a broader market rally, with both the S&P 500 (+0.77%) and NASDAQ (+1.1%) hitting new 52-week highs, marking an auspicious start to the new month. The tech sector, in particular, reveled in this upswing, buoyed by Dell's (DELL) robust earnings report. Dell's stellar performance underscored a burgeoning demand for its computing solutions, notably its AI-optimized servers.

broadcom stock AI investment

Broadcom shed light on the burgeoning interest in its AI solutions, reporting a robust uptick in orders for AI-optimized servers, which surged by nearly 40% sequentially in Q4. The company shipped a staggering $800 million worth of AI-optimized servers, with its backlog nearly doubling sequentially, hitting $2.9 billion by the fiscal year's end. The demand for AI chips, outstripping GPU supply, particularly caught attention. Moreover, Broadcom noted keen interest in orders for AI-optimized servers equipped with the next-gen AI GPUs, including the H200 and MI300X.

Dell's remarks not only spotlighted the fervent demand for specialized computing devices but also underscored the pivotal role of AI-optimized chips powering them. This served as a catalyst for renewed optimism towards semiconductor manufacturers vying to supply AI chips and related hardware.

The Market's Pulse
While Broadcom's shares exhibit some volatility, today's significant surge, marking the ninth move greater than 5% over the past year, suggests that the market deems this news impactful, albeit not transformative to its perception of the business.

A notable surge we covered occurred nine months ago when Broadcom saw an 8.5% spike, fueled by bullish sentiments from Wall Street analysts, who envisioned vast potential in the artificial intelligence market.

KeyBanc Capital Markets' John Vinh anticipates near-term benefits for Broadcom from its generative AI capabilities, particularly its TPU product. JPMorgan's Harlan Sur echoed this sentiment, commending Broadcom's custom-chip business, which has gained traction, especially with Google, for its cutting-edge AI processor chip, TPU. Year-to-date, Broadcom's stock has climbed 28.5%. Investors who bet $1,000 on Broadcom's shares five years ago would now be sitting on an investment worth $5,113.

Broadcom Streamlines Focus for Growth with VMware Acquisition
On a related note, VMware, recently acquired by Broadcom, showcased Communications Service Providers deploying VMware Telco Cloud and VMware Service Management and Orchestration solutions. This underscores a concerted effort to modernize networks and swiftly create monetizable services, emphasizing the significance of edge computing technologies in this domain.

Singtel and VMware, in collaboration with Broadcom, unveiled a partnership aimed at enabling enterprises to seamlessly manage their connectivity and cloud infrastructure through Singtel Paragon. This all-in-one orchestration platform for 5G and edge cloud integrates Singtel's ultra-low latency, high reliability, and network slicing capabilities with VMware's advanced virtualization and cloud computing technologies.

Additionally, Broadcom's decision to divest certain businesses acquired through VMware, including the end-user computing and Carbon Black units, underscores its strategic realignment towards core virtualization products. While these businesses have been deemed stable and attractive, Broadcom aims to streamline its operations and focus on VMware's Cloud Foundation platform, which is expected to drive stronger recurring revenue.

Despite Broadcom's commendable dividend increase of 14% during the fourth quarter earnings report of 2023, investors are urged to consider the company's growth potential alongside its dividend yield. With a forward-looking approach, Broadcom presents promising opportunities for both stock price appreciation and dividend growth, fueled by its strategic diversification and leadership in key technology segments.

Broadcom's recent move to divest a former VMware business aligns with its strategy to focus on core virtualization products. The decision to offload the end-user computing and Carbon Black businesses, acquired through the VMware acquisition, reflects a strategic pivot towards VMware's Cloud Foundation. While these businesses are substantial, generating over $2.0 billion in estimated revenue for FY24, they don't constitute core elements of Broadcom's business model. This divestiture not only injects a significant cash infusion but also streamlines the company, positioning it for robust recurring revenue growth through VMware's Cloud Foundation platform.

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