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GE - Is This a Buy?

Today we take a look at the technicals of one of our stock picks for the year 2020 : GE Watch this video to get the technical insights. General Electric Co. (GE) Reasons for selection: Successful deleveraging Increased confidence in turnaround by new management Positive inflection in EPS and free cash flow Better understanding of company risks Our Price Target USD$15.22 “We believe the stock is at a positive inflection point into 2020,” UBS analyst Markus Mittermaier said in note to investors. The buy rating represents an upgrade in the firm’s opinion of GE, as the previous analyst had a neutral rating. “We question the depth of which consensus captures the ongoing GE evolution,” Mittermaier said. “Analyzing GE is not trivial and requires a detailed segment level analysis. This is what we have done. Our view is based on a multitude of proprietary data... We expect the stock narrative to change from significant cash drag to successful transformation” . Refere