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Facebook (FB): It did it again with a much bigger drop

One of our students asked a question regarding Facebook fiasco, following a disappoint earning report: " I picked FB at $172. Would love to here your comments.... " So here is my analysis. Facebook (FB) shares dropped $41 (19%) in just a few hours on Thursday after the company released disappointing earning results. After reaching an all-time high @ 218.62, price rolled over on Wednesday (7/25/2018) in the after hour market. The following morning on Thursday during the pre-market hour price reached a low of 169.00 before bouncing up ( Image 1 ). At 9:30am price opened @175.33, quickly reached a high of 180.13, testing the 200 SMA (red line) before rolling over down to 173.75. Towards the end of today's trading session, price found a base and started to move up closing at 176.26 and forming what's called a spinning top pattern. The spinning top indicates indecision. On Friday it tried to bounce above the 200 SMA but it failed, printing a bearish engulfing and clos