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Crypto Market Update: HOOD & CLSK Analysis!

In this video, we dive into the latest developments in the cryptocurrency market, providing you with technical analysis, price targets, and stop levels for two intriguing companies: Robinhood (HOOD) and CleanSpark (CLSK).  Robinhood (HOOD) Update Current Price: $10.56 (+7%)  November 2023 Operating Data Revealed: Customers contribute approximately $1.4 billion in net deposits. Bitcoin (BTC) Surge Bitcoin prices soar to over $45,000, marking a 50% increase in just a few months.  Coinbase (COIN) executives share insights on CNBC, suggesting that Bitcoin could hit $100,000 next year.  Join us as we break down the technical charts, discuss potential price targets, and identify key support and resistance levels for both HOOD and CLSK.  Stay informed and make strategic decisions in the dynamic world of cryptocurrency trading. Don't miss out on this comprehensive analysis. Watch the video to get the technical insights. Good Trading! Trading Risk Disclaimer All the information shared is p

McDonald's True Recipe for Success: Unveiling a Hidden Goldmine Beyond Burgers and Fries

Prepare to be astonished if you believe McDonald's primary success lies in flipping burgers and serving fries.  Not many people know that food sales contribute only a fraction to the fast-food giant's profits, exposing a hidden gem that sets it apart in the competitive market. In the past, a visit to McDonald's after a day on beach, or running errands, was a three-dollar-budget strategic move: two McDoubles and one McChicken. Fast forward two decades, and the nostalgic Dollar Menu has transformed into a pricier affair, prompting many to question if raising prices on classic favorites is just a strategic move. Interestingly, McDonald's financial success is not rooted in its menu. The company amassed over $7.3 billion in the first three quarters of 2023, and surprisingly, it has nothing to do with hamburgers or french fries. The real star of the show? Real estate. Harry J. Sonneborn, an early insider at McDonald's, once stated, "We are not technically in the foo

Salesforce Surges 9% on Spectacular Q3 Earnings - A Force to Be Reckoned With

Salesforce ($CRM) has astounded investors with its third-quarter performance, soaring over +9% after reporting earnings that outpaced expectations.  Despite facing economic uncertainties and cost-cutting trends, Salesforce remains a standout performer, with its stock skyrocketing over 70% this year, outpacing the Nasdaq's 36% climb. Check Out Video --> CRM Price Analysis Earnings Triumph The cloud software giant reported adjusted earnings of $2.11 per share, beating LSEG's expected $2.06 per share. Revenue reached $8.72 billion, exceeding LSEG's expected $8.72 billion, marking an 11% increase from a year ago. Strategic Cost Reduction Salesforce's ability to cut costs and boost profits has been a driving force behind its stock surge. Earlier this year, the company implemented a restructuring plan, including job cuts and office space reduction, contributing to a remarkable 70% stock surge. Forward-Looking Optimism Despite challenges in growth rates, Salesforce remains

Cybersecurity Maverick CrowdStrike Defies Odds with Soaring Profits in Q3

In a world where cyber threats loom large and the demand for robust cybersecurity solutions has never been higher, CrowdStrike ($CRWD) emerges as a beacon of resilience and success.  The company's recent stellar performance, marked by a 35% YoY revenue increase and a remarkable surge in profits, defies industry challenges and cements its position as a premier player in the cybersecurity space. The Beat-and-Raise Triumph Amidst a backdrop of budget constraints and prolonged sales cycles in the IT spending environment, CrowdStrike delivered a beat-and-raise earnings report that surpassed expectations. Even as competitor Palo Alto Networks faced headwinds due to higher interest rates, CrowdStrike's focus on innovation and adaptability shone through. Record Pipeline and Bullish Outlook Despite acknowledging heightened deal scrutiny and elongated sales cycles, CrowdStrike remains optimistic about the future. The company anticipates a strong Q4, fueled by a record pipeline and a com

Strategic Moves in AI: AMD and Baidu's Targets and Stops

In the dynamic world of technology, two major players, NVIDIA and Baidu, recently made headlines with significant developments that are reshaping the landscape of the semiconductor and artificial intelligence (AI) sectors. NVIDIA's Resilience Amidst Profit-Taking While Competitor AMD Gains Ground NVIDIA ($NVDA) recently reported exceptional third-quarter results, exceeding expectations and offering an optimistic outlook for the fourth quarter. Despite the positive news, the stock experienced a sell-the-news response, potentially influenced by a 25% increase leading up to the earnings report from its October 26 low. Interestingly, the Philadelphia Semiconductor Index demonstrated resilience, recording a 1.0% gain. Notably, Advanced Micro Devices ($AMD), a prominent AI competitor to NVIDIA, played a crucial role in this uptrend, marking a 3.5% increase to $123.34. This suggests that despite profit-taking in NVIDIA's stock, the overall market response to the sector has been favora

Target Hits the Bullseye with Earnings: Holiday Hopes Soar

A closer look at Target's Q3 performance, cautious holiday outlook, and why investors are celebrating. In the ever-evolving world of retail, Target has once again stolen the spotlight, sending shockwaves through the market with its latest earnings report. The retail giant's stock (TGT) is on a meteoric rise, soaring 18.5% in the wake of Q3 results that have investors singing a tune of optimism. Check Out Video --> TGT Price Analysis Beating the Drum on Earnings Target's Q3 earnings per share (EPS) came in with a resounding beat, showcasing the company's resilience in the face of economic challenges. While the revenue missed expectations slightly for the third consecutive quarter, the negligible gap did little to dampen the spirits of investors. The real game-changer, however, was Target's guidance for the upcoming holiday season. A Symphony of Guidance Investors, analysts, and holiday enthusiasts held their breath as Target's Q4 EPS guidance was unveiled. Dru

Micron Unveils Game-Changing 128 GB DDR5-8000 RDIMMs

Micron, a leader in memory and storage solutions, has disrupted the server memory market with its announcement of 128 GB DDR5-8000 RDIMMs.  Unlike traditional methods, Micron's approach involves 32 Gb monolithic DDR5 dies, utilizing its advanced 1β technology. These dies offer a 45%+ increase in bit density, achieving speeds of up to 8000 MT/s with improved energy efficiency—24% better than competitors using 3DS TSV. Micron's strategic move to avoid 3DS TSV optimizes data input buffers and I/O circuits, resulting in enhanced power efficiency and faster AI training times. The company's commitment to innovation is evident in its consistent doubling of monolithic die density every three years, showcasing advancements in CMOS processes. Micron proudly asserts that its 1β node has reached mass production ahead of competitors, with the fastest yield maturity in its history. Looking forward, the introduction of dual-die packages and TFF modules is expected to pave the way for 1TB