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JPMorgan's Take on Bitcoin ETF Approval and Crypto Stocks' Turbulence

Analyzing Winners and Losers in the Wake of Regulatory Approvals and Market Dynamics

JPMorgan has meticulously dissected the repercussions of the recent approval of bitcoin exchange-traded funds (ETFs) by the Securities and Exchange Commission. The seismic shift in dynamics has prompted a strategic evaluation of potential victors and casualties within the asset management sector.

SEC approaves 11 bitcoin etf

JPMorgan's Strategic Evaluation of Bitcoin ETF Approval

Wednesday night's rule change has paved the way for over 10 firms to plunge into the competitive arena of bitcoin ETFs, presenting a tantalizing prospect for mainstream investors to engage with the digital currency. Amid this transformative landscape, JPMorgan, with the sagacity of analyst Kenneth Worthington, endeavors to illuminate the prospective winners and losers in this unfolding narrative.

At the epicenter of this financial metamorphosis stands Coinbase (COIN), the primary brokerage and exchange for bitcoin ETFs. However, the astute analyst forewarns that the approval might be a double-edged sword for Coinbase, juxtaposing positive aspects with inherent risks. Despite being entrusted as the custodian for a significant number of approved bitcoin ETFs, the impending competition could pose challenges, potentially diverting clientele to equity brokers and impeding trading volume.

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The Double-Edged Sword of ETF Approval for Coinbase and A Potential Boost for Robinhood

In this dynamic milieu, Robinhood (HOOD) emerges as a formidable contender, positioning itself as a cost-effective alternative to Coinbase. As investors seek more economical avenues for exposure to bitcoin and other currencies in the wake of increasing ETF approvals, Robinhood's equity brokerage presents a compelling option, potentially siphoning market share from its rival.

The cryptocurrency sphere also witnesses the resilience of alternative coin trading, maintaining its foothold within the spot cryptocurrency division. Despite experiencing a pullback in 2024, both Coinbase and Robinhood have encountered fluctuations after substantial gains in the preceding year, drawing cautious sentiments from analysts.

Coinbase, Robinhood, and the Fluctuations of 2024

Venturing beyond brokerages, the competitive landscape of ETF issuers unravels. BlackRock, with its iShares Bitcoin Trust, offers a strategic fee waiver during the initial 12 months, setting the stage for a battle of attrition among ETF issuers. Invesco, in collaboration with Galaxy, charts a unique path with a revised fee structure for its Invesco Galaxy Bitcoin ETF, signaling a quest for a competitive edge.

A lesser-known yet crypto-friendly asset manager, Franklin Resources, emerges as a noteworthy player. With a history of embracing digital assets and tokenizing funds, Franklin's Bitcoin ETF is poised to enter the arena with a 29 basis point fee, reinforcing its commitment to blockchain-focused endeavors.

Cboe Global Markets, Nasdaq, and NYSE ARCA's Entry into the Crypto ETF Arena

The spotlight extends to major exchanges as bitcoin ETFs debut for trading. Cboe Global Markets takes center stage, hosting a majority of approved bitcoin funds on its platform. Beyond facilitating bitcoin fund trading, Cboe diversifies its offerings by introducing margined futures for bitcoin and ether, marking a pioneering move in the U.S.-regulated crypto-native exchange landscape.

Nasdaq, recognized as the exchange of choice for bitcoin funds from BlackRock and Valkyrie, navigates the evolving crypto landscape. Despite losses in 2024, Nasdaq's historical involvement in crypto infrastructure and surveillance positions it as a resilient player in this dynamic space.

Below are the 11 spot bitcoin ETFs that have been green lighted by the SEC:

NYSE Arca includes
1. Grayscale Bitcoin Trust
2. Bitwise Bitcoin ETF (Commodity-Based Trust Shares)
3. Hashdex Bitcoin ETF (Trust Units)

Nasdaq includes
4. iShares Bitcoin Trust 
5. Valkyrie Bitcoin Fund (Commodity-Based Trust Shares)

BZX includes 
6. ARK 21Shares
7. Invesco Galaxy
8. VanEck Bitcoin Trust
9. WisdomTree Bitcoin Fund
10. Fidelity Wise Origin Bitcoin Fund
11. Franklin Bitcoin ETF

Cathie Wood's Bullish Bitcoin Outlook: Boosted by ETF Approval

Cathie Wood, the visionary behind Ark Invest, believes the recent approval of bitcoin exchange-traded funds (ETFs) in the U.S enhances the likelihood of her optimistic Bitcoin projection. Wood now envisions Bitcoin hitting $1.5 million by 2030, citing increased probability after the Securities and Exchange Commission's approval of bitcoin ETFs.

In a CNBC interview, Wood emphasized the groundbreaking nature of this approval, describing it as the inception of the first global decentralized digital rules-based monetary system in history. Bitcoin responded positively to the news, trading above $47,000 on the announcement day.

Wood sees Bitcoin's potential surge tied to companies diversifying cash holdings and institutional investors allocating 5% of their portfolio to crypto. Ark Invest, under Wood's guidance, has strategically partnered with 21Shares for the proposed Ark21Shares Bitcoin ETF (ARKB), showcasing their unique blend of crypto and ETF expertise.

As regulatory advancements unfold, Cathie Wood remains at the forefront, navigating the complexities and potential of this transformative digital era.

RIOT, MARA, COIN, MSTR, HOOD: Unraveling the Impact on Key Crypto Stocks

Meanwhile, Crypto-related companies including COIN, MARA, RIOT, MSTR and HOOD, today witnessed a reversal of initial gains for various crypto-related stocks, steering towards session lows subsequent to the approval of the Bitcoin Spot ETF. The market dynamics have exerted downward pressure on key players, showcasing the inherent volatility associated with this evolving landscape.

Prominent stocks, indicative of the crypto sector's pulse, experienced substantial downturns following the Bitcoin Spot ETF approval. RIOT, a stalwart in the crypto space, faced a notable decline of 14.8%, reflecting the market's immediate response to the regulatory development. Similarly, MARA witnessed a significant dip of 13.8%, underlining the pervasive impact on stocks tied to the crypto narrative.

Even established entities like COIN, synonymous with Coinbase, grappled with a downturn of 6.3%, signaling the intricate interplay between regulatory changes and market sentiments. MSTR, with its strategic positioning, also bore the brunt of the market shift, enduring a decline of 3.9%, showcasing the nuanced vulnerabilities within the crypto-related stock ecosystem.

Conversely, HOOD, associated with Robinhood, managed to navigate these turbulent waters with a relatively modest decrease of 2.9%. As the market recalibrates itself in response to the Bitcoin Spot ETF approval, each stock's trajectory tells a unique story of resilience, adaptation, and the ever-shifting tides within the dynamic crypto landscape.


As we conclude, the crypto scene balances innovation, regulation, and institutional adoption. Success hinges on adaptability and innovation in this transformative era, driven by regulatory nods and market responses. Stay tuned for further evolution in this dynamic financial landscape, and let's see how it all plays out moving forward. Good trading and good investing!

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