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Who's Really In Charge When You're Trading?

Its our reptile brain, your base self, that's really in charge when you are trading. 

The reptile brain is responsible for our most basic instincts and behaviors. For example, when your startled, you feel a reaction; you feel a sense of heat in your body,  a vibration in your lower back, or your stomach trembles- that is your reptile mind preparing you for fight-or-flight responses, and for survival.

Will you fight-or will you run? Your reptile (subconscious) mind has only one function, which is to protect you, and it does this whether you want it to or not. 

 This is important to understand in order to be a successful trader.  

 You need to be very good at losing!

In the world of trading, we do not need to have a win rate of 99.99%, as say, a surgeon would need.  A trader's win rate can be 50% .. There is the feeling of pain, happiness, and pain many times a day.  The constant conflict with your subconscious protection system built-in. 

Neurology has shown we experience a financial loss 250% more intensely than an equivalent financial gain.  This is when most traders look to run - when they experience a loss, rather than embrace it and learn from it.

 Understanding how our reptile brain works, we can better manage our emotions and make more informed decisions!  We can also use our reptile brain to identify patterns in the market and anticipate future trends. 

Moreover, we can use our reptile brain to recognize when we are feeling overly emotional and take steps to manage our emotions in order to make better decisions!

To Your Success! 



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