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Has the Mess Started - AGAIN?

The S&L crisis of the 1980's cost taxpayers a reported $124B

Once the dust settled, it took nearly a decade to unwind because they ended up having to sell all the S&Ls in pieces.

After all, no one wanted to buy more than 25% of any one S&L or would become subject to the Fed's banking regulatory regime, making the current banking meltdown vastly worse.

It took years to unwind the S&L crisis by the Resolution Trust Corporation (RTC). 
They closed 747 S&L's with a assets totaling $407B.
*SVB had $212B in assets
*SBNY had $110B at end of 2022
*FRC had $205B
*PACW $41B
*WAL $65B.

That's more than $630B in assets between the first 5 banks that have or are expected to go under.

The big banks don't want to touch the toxic banks, and the Fed wants desperately to avoid having to sell failed banks in pieces smaller than 25% to private equity, thus losing control.

It looks like this mess is just getting started.

RIOT/ COIN/ MSTR/ MARA are the top watches for continuation next week- Trades have triggered!!

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