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Stochastichs: Slow, Fast, Full?

What kind of stochastics should be used in the chart?

Stochastics is an oscillator that shows overbought and oversold conditions.

There are three types of settings: fast, slow and full. 

Fast Stochastics

%K is set to 3. This is the fast moving line in the indicator.

Slow Stochastics

%D is set to 3. This is the slow moving line in the indicator.

Full Stochastics

The full stochastics includes both %K settings, %D settings as well as the day period that the indicator takes into consideration (5-day, 10-day...)

The recommended full stochastics setting for swing trading is 12,3,3 (Period= 12, %K= 3, %D= 3)

The recommended full stochastics setting for day trading is 5,2,2 (Period= 5, %K= 2, %D= 2)

Please bear in mind that stochastics oscillator is a lagging indicator.

In addiiton stochastics only takes into consideration price and time. It does not include volume into its formula. Therefore it is an limited indicator.

Good trading!

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