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Quantitative Analysis (QA)

Quantitative analysis (QA) is a method for comprehending behavior that makes use of mathematical and statistical modeling, measurement, and study. Quantitative analysts translate a certain reality into a numerical value. Measurement, performance assessment, financial instrument valuation, and the forecasting of actual occurrences, such as shifts in a nation's gross domestic product, are all done using quantitative analysis (GDP). In business and management, qualitative analysis makes use of subjective judgment to assess a company's value or prospects based on non-quantifiable data, such as management skills, industry cycles, the strength of research and development, and labor relations. In comparison to technical analysis which focuses on charts analysis, technical indicators and study of support and resistance levels, quantitative analysis focuses on data reports like balance sheets, instead. However, the two methods are frequently combined in order to assess a business' operations and determine whether it presents a good investment opportunity.

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